Giving Hand and Heart

Each day of the year, people are rolling up their literal and proverbial sleeves to give their time and energy to the success of Camp Rainbow Gold. Beyond volunteering to produce summer camps for Idaho’s children diagnosed with cancer, many other opportunities are available to put a variety of abilities to good use.

Review the options below, and select the volunteer application that best suits your volunteer interest. If you’re interested in speaking with our volunteer coordinator directly to learn more about our programs and needs, please contact us at or call 208-350-4635.

How would you like to volunteer?

There are so many opportunities to become involved with CRG. Select what fits for you!

Catch Up On Your Volunteer Newsletter

In each issue of our volunteer newsletter, you will get a quick update about Camp news, what is happening at Hidden Paradise, upcoming volunteer opportunities, and Camp Rainbow Gold events. Each month you will hear from some of our volunteers or campers, and we’ll share some tips or news from the American Camp Association.

Upcoming Volunteer Events

Below is a list of upcoming volunteer opportunities. If you’re interested in helping out with any of these events or have questions about how you can get involved and support Camp Rainbow Gold, please contact Stacie Tornga, Volunteer Manager, at