Hidden Paradise, the Gem State’s only purpose-built medical camp is where anyone facing physical, mental, medical, or emotional challenges can trade the harsh lights of hospitals for abundant sunshine and the drab walls of waiting rooms for the sights and sounds of nature.

Hidden Paradise serves a diverse clientele with disabilities while providing the space and safety other organizations need to bring their unique visions to life.

Turning Dreams into Reality

In the mid-’80s, Camp Rainbow Gold was founded as an organization to serve children diagnosed with cancer and their families by providing them an opportunity to enjoy the magic and healing of summer camp experiences.

But for more than three decades, as the organization grew, Camp Rainbow Gold did not have the resources to do enough. Camp Rainbow Gold came to life each year, only to have volunteers pack it all away and store it until the following summer. Buildings and paths had to be retrofitted before each program to accommodate medically fragile campers. And with space constraints, every year, they had to turn away children who desperately needed this special brand of magic.

After years of searching, it was time to put down roots. Hidden Paradise in Fairfield, Idaho, was the perfect fit. Owned and operated as a subsidiary of Camp Rainbow Gold, Hidden Paradise is Idaho’s Medical Camp.

Healing Idaho

As the vision of Hidden Paradise began the transformation into brick and mortar, regional camps supporting children with medical challenges took notice. Like Camp Rainbow Gold, these organizations faced the same challenges from their current leased camp space, no long-term lease commitments, non-existent medical support and facilities, deficient disability accommodations, and general safety concerns.

We can’t overstate the demand for a safe, secure space like Hidden Paradise. For children and adults with medical needs, there is nowhere else to go in Idaho. Medical camp programs won’t have to turn sick children and their families away. We have had to tell so many deserving people “no” simply because we didn’t have the physical space to accommodate them. As Idaho grows, the demand for special spaces like Hidden Paradise will only increase.

Hidden Paradise will help countless people experience the fun and bonding of summer camp and other outdoor adventures. Hidden Paradise will help heal Idaho.