Welcome Back SSS!

Oct 5, 2021 | Camp Rainbow Gold

By Marissa Daigle, CRG Camper —

Camp Rainbow Gold is important to me for two reasons…The first is because I can connect with kids who understand me and my situation better than other friends. The second is Camp Rainbow Gold is a week of complete fun…away from family and siblings.

Survivors Supporting Survivors is important because it is a group of kids who are teens, my age group, who may understand what each other has been through. I like getting together with other survivors because we all have a sort of kinship and we don’t really have to talk about what that is, we just understand.

The SSS group that met in September was my first ever! COVID kept all of us from attending last year! This session was on paddleboards! I love paddleboarding because it is fun and relaxing. Plus, I got to meet up with friends and that is really important to me!

SSS is Back!

That’s right, we’re back in person and hosting SSS each month through April 2022. We’re planning lots of fun, safe, outdoor activities. We can’t wait to see all our teens at the next event on October 18!

SSS is open to all teens who have experienced a cancer diagnosis. You do not have to have attended a CRG camp or other program in order to participate. First-timers are always welcome. And, just like all Camp Rainbow Gold services and programs, Survivors Supporting Survivors events are free

For more information on Survivors Supporting Survivors, if you have an idea or location for future activities, or if you’d like to volunteer with SSS, contact our office at 208-350-6435 or email info@camprainbowgold.org.