Rentals, Fees & Booking

Now Leasing

Hidden Paradise Camp is currently available for rental reservations during the summer and shoulder seasons between May 1 and October 30. Please contact us with your organizational information and we will be happy to work with you on timelines, fees, and opportunities. 

Available accommodations include:

  • Six (6) two-story log cabins that sleep 12 people in each
  • Seven (7) split-level cabins that sleep between 4-6 people in each.
  • Welcome Center building which sleeps 8-10 people
  • Additional rooms could house another 8-15 depending on the staffing we would need in order to support your group.

Camp rental also includes:

  • Use of a commercial kitchen and can include kitchen staff/meals/dining service if needed
  • Indoor/outdoor eating space
  • Activity tent – open-air or with the side walls on
  • Laundry facilities

On-site activities include:

  • Archery range
  • 3 bike trails
  • Challenge course
  • Art Shack
  • Playground

Healing Idaho

We’re excited to continue growing our facility to accommodate even more groups and more on-site activities. You can help today by learning more about how you can get involved to support our Capital Campaign.