Our First Camper at Hidden Paradise

Jan 28, 2022 | Camp Rainbow Gold, Hidden Paradise

By Addison, CRG Sibling Camper —

The first time I went to Camp Rainbow Gold was when I was six. It was at the old place [in Ketchum]. My favorite part about Camp there was the cabins. They were small and always decorated in a theme when we got there. My favorite activity was when we created a team name for our cabin and a song to go with it. We were the orange team. My favorite meal was the waffles with whipped cream and strawberries. I also loved the tacos.

I loved that the old place had a playground that we could go play on. It had swings and a slide and even a bar. The only dislike that I have about the old place is that it was far away. The new place is closer to my house and less of a drive.

Camp Memories

An awesome memory that I have from Camp was when we did it at home. We had a dance party over Zoom and we got to dress up in pretty outfits. The counselors sent us videos of activities and fun crafts. We got to post pictures of our stuff to other people. We got to decorate our bedrooms like they were a cabin. We got to have a sleepover outside on our trampoline and we had smores. It was fun.

A New Home

  • My favorite thing that I like about Hidden Paradise is the bathrooms in our cabin. We get hot water and cold water.
  • My favorite activity at Hidden Paradise is the campfire. I love the talent show and all of the funny jokes. I love the pinecone ceremony at the end of Camp.
  • I loved the water day and the slip-n-slide. I didn’t like the mud though, it was disgusting!
  • My favorite meal was barbecue chicken.
  • I loved toes up. We got to read or take a nap. It was a way to take our minds off of all the activities for a little bit.

The First Camper

The reason I wanted to be the first camper at Hidden Paradise is so that there weren’t a bunch of people there. I didn’t want it to be crowded. When I got there, the camp directors and my counselors took me on a VIP tour on the golf carts. They took me to my cabin. I got to pick a bunk first. I put purple ribbons on my arm and a rainbow unicorn on my cheek. I did that because I was helping my counselors get ready for the bus to arrive. We had streamers and a big paper sign saying, “Welcome To Camp Rainbow Gold!” First, a police car came through with its lights on. He was leading the bus to Camp. When the buses got to Camp they went right through the big sign and we threw streamers all over them. It was fun.

I had a lot of fun at Camp and I can’t wait to come back next year!