Holiday Greeting and Thank You from our Board President

Dec 18, 2015 | News

Dear Camp Family,

At the end of this year, my term as President of Camp Rainbow Gold comes to an end.

The end of the year also marks the start of my 25th year as a volunteer for Camp Rainbow Gold. I look back over the last 25 years and I am absolutely amazed at how the organization has grown and the thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of lives that have been improved because of Camp. And I look forward to what lies ahead for Camp with equal awe.

This past year, we held five camp programs – youth and teen oncology camps, sibling camp and two family camp sessions. We helped 17 childhood cancer survivors attend college with $75,000 in scholarship support. We acquired a mobile medical unit that allows us to bring the more medically-fragile kids to camp and actually administer chemotherapy at Camp. And most importantly, we touched the lives of over 300 families affected by childhood cancer!

I am passing the presidency on to Jeremy Chou – a long time camp supporter and volunteer, a talented attorney and lobbyist, a leader and a friend. Jeremy is leading the charge to grow Camp in ways we only dreamed of just a short time ago. Backed by a talented and committed board of directors, staff and a volunteer tour-de-force, I have no doubt Camp is in great hands.

Thank you to all that supported me and Camp Rainbow Gold over the past year. Camp has been my passion for a very long time and will continue to be far into the future. I hope you will join me in continuing the Camp mission to empower Idaho’s children and their families win the fight against cancer.

Tim Tyree

Tim Tyree is a partner and the chair of the Business Transactions group at the law firm Hawley Troxell.  He has served in nearly every volunteer position at Camp and will remain a member of the board of directors.