Meet Our Program Manager: Savannah Sutherlin

Jun 8, 2023 | Camp Rainbow Gold, Camps, Programs and Families

— By Savannah Sutherlin CRG Program Manager-

I was asked to write this blog a year ago when I first started at Camp Rainbow Gold, but I truly had no idea where to start. I kept hearing about how “magical” Camp is and that I just had to experience it for myself. I found Camp, I think like a lot of families do, during a time when I felt lost, and had no idea where to turn. I have always been super passionate about working with kids and helping families. I thought I wanted to go into social work or nursing, but those paths just didn’t seem right for me. I kind of stumbled into the nonprofit world in college and felt a complete sense of belonging and inspiration from my professors, classmates, and mentors I worked with along the way.

Instant Connection

After starting in the nonprofit sector right after college, my position totally changing during the pandemic, switching career paths, then coming back to the nonprofit sector, I felt a little desperate to find a workplace that felt like I belonged there. After interviewing for the Program Manager position, I felt an instant connection with the mission and with everyone who works here. After my first volunteer training, I knew I had found the place I wanted to be. Being in a room with people who are so passionate about supporting these kids and their families, it re-lit the fire inside me that had gone out. Now, after a year with CRG, I can definitely say, there is something special about Camp Rainbow Gold and I feel very lucky to get to work for Camp.

Finding Hope and Magic

I get asked a lot about how I found Camp, and I truly just stumbled upon it when I needed it most. I don’t have a connection with pediatric cancer, I just believe that kids should get to be kids. That is exactly what CRG is all about. Camp is a place where you find your people, you find hope, and you find magic.