Campfire Club

Join the Camp Rainbow Gold Campfire Club of donors making a significant impact on CRG programs through recurring monthly donations. There are many ways to give, but a scheduled monthly donation for Camp Rainbow Gold helps us securely and confidently build the foundation we need to grow our programs.

Strike a Match

Campfires are central to the camp experience. They are where we share songs, jokes and stories. We make s’mores and forge friendships and offer Wishcones. But a campfire doesn’t appear from thin air. Campfires are built through a fire-ring foundation, kindling, matches, firewood and fresh air.

Much like building that all-important campfire, our programs are built through time, resources and support from all our donors. By becoming a member of our Campfire Club and making a scheduled monthly donation to Camp Rainbow Gold, you can help us securely work day after day to build the foundation that will ignite the magic of camp each summer.

Join the Club

Donate online using the form to the right or download and mail this form to our office. If you are already a Campfire Club member and would like to adjust the amount or date of your donations, please contact us at or 208-350-6435.

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Thank you for your generosity and support of Camp Rainbow Gold.

You can either download or share your Campfire Club badge by hovering over the image below and using the social media buttons to spread the news with your family and friends.

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