How CRG has Helped Me

Aug 24, 2020 | Camps, Scholarships

By Adam Pettyjohn, CRG Camper and Scholarship Recipient —

Camp Rainbow Gold has helped me in so many ways. I have gone to Camp for nine years, first at Youth Camp and then at Teen Camp, and it’s always exciting to see the smiling, cheering faces of the counselors, staff, and friends. It can be sad to think of the different ways cancer has changed our lives and to think of those people that it has taken away from us. But when I go to Camp Rainbow Gold I feel so supported and loved that I can set down my burdens and just be myself.

The first year I attended Camp, there was a tradition that two people would be crowned “king and queen” for the day. That person and their whole cabin would get special honors like going into meals first. When someone was crowned we would all bow down to them and cheer for them. In very small ways, such as this, everyone is celebrated, empowered, and valued just for who they are.

I’ve also witnessed my cabin-mates start the week at camp very cautiously and avoid activities. And by the end of the week, they are jamming out on the dance floor or doing a skit at campfire. As we spend more time together they start to open up and feel comfortable trying new things. One year, when the dance came at the end of the week, I got a few of my friends and we ended up getting one of my cabin-mates, who had been sitting off to the side, to join in. He told me later that he was glad he did.

2020 has been a crazy year so far, for everyone. Even though we weren’t able to have Camp this year like usual there have still been tons of opportunities to keep in touch with the people I’ve met through CRG. Through social media, I can talk with my friends and get a glimpse of what their life is like outside of Camp. Even when I have to be socially distant, I am always there for them.

Lastly, I can’t leave out that CRG has offered me a scholarship that will help me significantly to pay for college.

I’m very grateful to CRG for everything they have done to support me emotionally and financially.

CRG, I shine for you!