Why Camp Rainbow Gold?

Leading the Charge

Camp Rainbow Gold was founded 40 years ago as a haven for kids who were told “no.” Every year since, it has offered an opportunity to trade the harsh lights of the hospital for the healing power of sunshine, hope, love, and fun.

Camp Rainbow Gold has earned a stellar reputation throughout the state and support from Idaho’s medical providers and fellow nonprofits. Its rock-solid board has stewarded its resources wisely, and its volunteers are some of the most dedicated in Idaho.

That’s why Camp Rainbow Gold is leading the charge to build Idaho’s Medical Camp, Hidden Paradise. 



Camp Rainbow Gold has 40 years of experience running camps for medically challenged kids and their families.

Camp Rainbow Gold allows children affected by cancer and their families to do so much—to relax instead of worrying about what’s next, to trade the fluorescent lights of treatment rooms for abundant sunshine, to swap the unrelenting noise of hospitals for the sounds of kids playing.

Our campers have lives that are always in flux. With a permanent home for the camp, we can provide a stable base for activities and learning experiences. With 172 acres, we can finally expand—more bunkhouses, more activities, more grounds to explore. Imagine what it will be like to build a home that could welcome generation after generation of Idaho children and their families.

And with proper facilities and year-round access, we can not only create a permanent home for ourselves, we can secure our future by opening this home to like-minded organizations.

Here’s Why HIDDEN PARADISE Is So Needed

A welcoming, safe space like ours simply doesn’t exist in Idaho. We made Camp Rainbow Gold as secure as possible for our campers and their families at the places we leased for years, but until now we haven’t been able to create a true, fully functioning medical camp. With top-notch, permanent medical facilities, we can help kids and their families do the important healing work of play and relaxation.

We won’t have to turn sick children and their families away. We have had to tell so many deserving people “no” simply because our leased camps didn’t have the physical space to accommodate them. As more children are diagnosed with cancer each year, the demand for special spaces like ours will only continue.

Hidden Paradise will be a stable space. We enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with the owners of our previous rental properties, but our lease was not permanent. Hidden Paradise frees us from the worry of a year-to-year lease and offers us the security we need to plant roots and flourish.

There are many more organizations like ours. We’re not the only Idaho organization that needs a secure, purpose-built medical camp. We’re working with other worthy groups, agencies, and hospitals that suffer from limited space and facilities that aren’t safe enough for people with medical needs. Camp Rainbow Gold’s Hidden Paradise will help countless people experience the fun and bonding of summer camp and other outdoor adventures.

It’s Time to Put Down Roots

We purchased Hidden Paradise with the help of generous partners for a simple reason: Flowers bloom when given stable spaces to grow. For more than three decades, we’ve made Camp Rainbow Gold come to life every year, only to pack it all away and store it until the following summer. It’s time to put down roots so we can bloom, year after year.