What We Need

Your support will help us expand Idaho’s first medical camp into the adaptive, welcoming place we know it can be.

As Idaho’s only purpose-built medical camp, solid infrastructure is key to opening this magical spot to as many campers as possible. A strong foundation will ensure stability and structure. 

Infrastructure and Foundation

Upgraded water, power, septic, pathways, and accessible roads are the bare minimum for a high-functioning, in-demand camp.

Infrastructure will serve as Hidden Paradise’s framework for the future, ensuring a safe gathering place that will sustain growth for decades to come.

Our focus here is the most difficult phase of the project; raising the funds and getting the work done on several million dollars of repair and replacement of antiquated systems and new infrastructure to support both the new and exciting facilities that are a part of the overall master plan.

The current power, water, and septic systems are woefully under-designed and in disrepair or in non-working status.  Not only do we need to fix what is on the property, but we desperately need to upgrade new systems to support the future. We have approximately 5.5 million dollars in donated construction of buildings that cannot fully move forward without the necessary foundation for the camp being upgraded and expanded.

The funding would be used to:

  • Upgrade the water distribution and pumping system for three existing wells on site,
  • Construct a permitted, phased septic system to replace existing and serve new facilities, 
  • Upgrade, repair, and replace existing primary power service and medium voltage power distribution system,
  • Building new roads and ADA-accessible pathways. 

All of this work is necessary to support and allow construction to move forward with the on-site medical building, the other ADA cabins, support buildings, and ancillary structures.

Coming Soon!

New cabins and shower houses will guarantee no one will be turned away because of their abilities or capacity limits.

A new on-site health center will replace our Med Shack trailer and will allow people to experience the joys of summer camp without fear or reservation

A new Main Lodge will double as a space to gather everyone together in good times and in emergencies.