Idaho’s Medical Camp

Idaho's Medical Camp

Together, We Can Help Kids — And So Many More

We can’t overstate the demand for a safe, secure space like Hidden Paradise. For children and adults with medical needs, there is nowhere else to go. No place to safely relax, to enjoy nature, to act like a kid again.

This is it. This is our singular opportunity to make it a lasting retreat — to heal Idaho.

Hidden Paradise is Idaho’s first purpose-built medical camp.

Tucked into a secluded retreat near Fairfield, it provides privacy and plenty of room to explore and expand.

We purchased Hidden Paradise because of its infrastructure and room to grow. With 26 buildings and 172 acres, we don’t need to start from scratch. But we do need to adapt. 

  • 172 acres
  • Centrally located
  • Easy emergency access to hospital facilities
  • 26 existing buildings
  • Opportunity to expand ADA-compliant, adaptable, and accessible features
  • Water features such as ponds and creeks
  • Space to grow and explore

A Safe Space to Reset and Play