Hands That Build, Hearts That Heal

“Doctors healed my body. Camp healed my soul.”

Remember the joys of summer camp? Laughter, new activities, campfires, and lifelong friends.

Now, imagine being told you can’t go. Because you have cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, anxiety, or some other challenge you never asked for.

Our goal is simple: Build a lasting, accessible-to-all summer camp that will serve Idaho’s children, veterans, and families.

Together, we can heal Idaho and help those who need it most.

NFL Great Carson Palmer Leads the Team to Heal Idaho

Carson Palmer, former NFL quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner, and Idaho resident is joining forces with Idaho nonprofit Camp Rainbow Gold. Palmer will serve as a spokesperson for their capital campaign to “Heal Idaho” by building Hidden Paradise, Idaho’s first medical camp.

Palmer makes his home in Sun Valley, Idaho with his wife and young family. Like so many other Idahoans, his children have been awestruck by our wild rivers, sky-scraping mountains, and deep forests. Now, he’s helping us ensure every child, no matter the diagnosis or disability, gets the chance to be a kid; to play outside, explore Idaho, and be with their peers at camp.

“In my career, I’ve been surrounded by men who many characterize as some of the toughest “heroes” on earth,” said Palmer. “These children have gone through years of chemotherapy, surgeries, radiation, or live with other medical challenges—they are the true heroes. They are the ones I sit in awe of. And I’m determined to do what I can to make up for the time they’ve lost getting to just be kids.

Carson Palmer Signature