Idaho's Medical Camp

Welcome to Hidden Paradise, Idaho’s medical camp. Hidden Paradise is a welcoming space designed specifically for guests with medical needs to securely connect with nature and each other.

Hidden Paradise welcomes organizations and nonprofits in Idaho who serve anyone with medical, physical, emotional, or mental challenges. We give children, adults, families, and communities space to relax instead of worrying about what’s next, to trade the fluorescent lights of treatment rooms for abundant sunshine, to swap the unrelenting hustle and bustle of hospitals or appointments for the sounds of nature, laughter, and play.

Being a part of the mission and vision for this beautiful space isn’t just an investment in a single property or an organization. It’s an investment in the future of Idaho.

As the Gem State’s only purpose-built medical camp, Hidden Paradise will provide the space and safety so many incredible organizations need to bring their unique visions to life.

If you are interested in learning more about renting Hidden Paradise, click here or contact us at
Healing Idaho

We can’t overstate the demand for a safe, secure space like Hidden Paradise. For children and adults with medical needs, there is nowhere else to go. No place to safely relax, to enjoy nature, to act like a kid again. This is it. This is our singular opportunity to make it a lasting retreat — to heal Idaho.

Our goal is simple: Build a lasting, accessible-to-all summer camp that will serve Idaho’s children, veterans, and families. Together, we can heal Idaho and help those who need it most.

Learn more about the campaign to build and improve Hidden Paradise and find out how you can get involved at

A Peek at Paradise

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